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I share my ideas through drawing, using pen on paper or oil pastel on canvas.


The atmosphere of place inspires me. I love the feel of a damp forest, the splash of water against river rocks, the musty scent of toadstools pushing their heads through the surface moss.

I long to fly with eagles, walk with lions and wish the wind would blow me skywards as I hang on to a vermillion umbrella.


My world although truthful may not seem true. We donít usually have the privilege of flying windborne or meeting creatures as friends, but, if we let go of the banalities of life, close our eyes and believe, we can make that journey.


Itís exciting to allow my imagination freedom, to think in the way I did as a child, uncluttered, pure, unfettered  by adulthood.


I hope the viewer can enter my world, discover their own path and enjoy their own journey within my pictures.


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